We completed shooting for a trailer for our upcoming feature film, An American Dream.  We shot around New York City and Eastern Long Island.  We’re finalizing the script and will commence photography in March 2014, for a fall 2014 release.


We’re back in NYC to test our Red MX digital camera and anamorphic lenses for the upcoming feature film.  We’ll shooting around Manhattan and Roosevelt Island.  photo-2 photo-4 photo-5 photo

For the last few years, the Skoz Films team has been working to adapt a novel for the big screen.  IISS is a proof-of-concept we created to please the investors.  However, due to creative differences and typical corporate greed, we have decided to part ways from the publication corporation and make a feature film based on an original script.  IISS, the feature film is soon to be released in North America this summer.  Thanks for all your support.  iiss

On August 2nd, 2012, my crew and I shot a music video for Punjabi artist Deep Jandu in the GTA area.  We shot using anamorphic/Canon lenses and utilized a 20-ft crane operated by industry veteran jib/steadicam Op. Bryan Trieb.  It was a 16-hour shoot but fun as usual.

On July 23, 2012, I shot a music video on Red Epic using Lomo Anamorphic lenses.  It was quite an intense shoot, as 95% of it was handheld.  After the 1st hour, the Epic setup began to feel like a 20-pound rock on my shoulder:)  The shoot involved me running in the woods, jumping in a creek and dodging traffic as we shot guerilla on city streets.  We started at 5am and wrapped 9pm.  Another fun day!  More details about the shoot will be posted soon.

On July 10, 2012, Communitech Hyperdrive was launched.  “HYPERDRIVE is a new $30+ million tech startup incubator program with a global focus to seed, fund, and grow new businesses.  HYPERDRIVE builds early-stage tech startups into “Series A” VC funded companies.”

I shot and edited the event, including the centrepiece Tron dance, choreographed by Gregory Hines and performed by his top four students.  

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This past weekend, June 8-9-10, myself and director Adnan shot the first scene of Umm Zakiyyah’s novel “If I Should Speak”. I am extremely honoured and proud to have worked with him. Initially I was brought on board as a Casting Director, but then I ended up more involved behind the scenes and earned myself the Producer credit. Considering we’re in the independent scene of filmmaking, that’s just a credit. Ultimately, we’re all a team collaborating on a project. Credits are just credits (at this level anyway).

Although it was a small production, the end result can EASILY be compared with Hollywood productions. Shot on the Red Epic in 5k resolution on 2x anamorphic lenses, the footage looks well lit by our DP Hamid, who was sincerely amazing to work with. Thanks for all your patience bro! As for the shots themselves, director Adnan made sure the shots are very…

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