Video for Basha Mediterrean Restaurant

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Videography

On Sunday, Februray 20th, 2011, me and Salman, a fellow video-grapher went down to Basha’s restaurant in Toronto.  Having impressed by the excellent food and service, he decide to make a video for the restaurant.  We did our preparation for 6 hours during the week going shot-by-shot and then went in at 9pm on Sunday…guns blazing!!!

We had prepared to use 2 (2k) lights as well as another Softlite, but we kept tripping the circuit due to the fact that the restaurant was recently opened and the electricity was not completely finished.  We successfully wrap the shoot in 8 hours!  We experimented with new techniques for unique camera shots.  It was ingenuity at its best.

Monday morning after completion of the shoot, we went to Salman’s place for editing and chose the best takes.  From here on, Salman went solo and, to my surprised, completed the entire project by Monday night.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and both of us learned ways to improve our skills as video-graphers and editors.




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