Coming Soon!! Trailer for Rehearsal shoot in London, ON

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Videography

Our team is shooting this stage show for a theatrical group (RTG) that aspires to convey variety of position messages to the general audience.

Last weekend was a rehearsal shoot for their play which premiers on March 19 and March 26.  It was an interesting shoot because I wanted to test DSLR’s capabilities for stage settings, which results in a limited number of positions you can choose for your camera.

While the DSLRs proved their worth,  it is not suitable for a stage setting due to number of variables that can go wrong.

Ultimately the team has decided to rent 3 Sony EX-1 cameras.

Below is directly from their wesbsite:

About RTG

The Risala Theatrical Group aspires to be among the greatest theatre groups in North America, and particularly in Canada. Our goal is to perform on stage in Arab and International theatre festivals around the world.

The group performs in Arabic and English depending on the needs of the play. Our aim is to produce fine artistic theatrical work that will be the means of conveying messages that reflect the hopes, pains, issues, views, dreams, hardships, concerns, problems, and successes of Arabs in Canada, and North America in general.

The Risala Group operates under strict professional etiquette. It respects the culture of the Arab community and is committed to the highest levels of ethical manners.

Each theatrical play that is put together by the group carries a message. The group aims to bring out the presence of the Arab community in Canada and to be an active and integral part of the mosaic of Canadian society.

The group’s target audience is the Arab community in Canada, Canadian society as a whole, and decision makers.


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