Moving on up to the Mac-Pro Side

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Pre/PostProduction

I finally made the big move and bought myself a Mac Pro.  It was certainly long due.  So far, I’ve been editing my work on a Intel core 2 Macbook Pro!  Yeah, that’s right.  A single Processor!! The number of editing projects started to pile up because my macbook couldn’t handle the workload.

I had 3 options:

1. New Macbook Pro with Sandy Bridge i7 Mobile Processor.

2. Hackintosh with Sandy Bridge i7 2600k Processor.

3. Mac Pro 8 core with Intel Xeon.

I finally decided to go with the Mac Pro, cause of the benefits it offered over others, like easy upgrades, faster speed and no-hassle compatibility with my current Macbook and Final Cut Studio.

My next step is to beef up the RAM from 4GB to 32GB for max efficiency.



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