Second day Book Trailer shoot for Umm Zakiyyah’s latest book “Hearts We Lost”

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Videography

Today, we did our first outdoor day shoot with the steadicam pilot.  We went to a local park where we were able to catch some shots with our main character running through the streets and pigeons flying as he ran towards them.  Steadicam shots looked amazing thanks to my man, Salman Sajun, Videographer extraordinare.

Afterwards, we did shots in the bedroom relying mostly of natural light and using Diva400 towards the evening when we lost the light.

Overall, another good shoot thanks to an excellent cast and an even amazing crew including on-location soundperson, Sara Takieddin, and cameraman, Salman Sajun.

Special thanks to our actor (Tayshawn Prince) and actress (Andrea Reid).

Looking forward to last and final day of shoot tomorrow.


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