Red One MX 4k Cinema Camera: Cine-Lenses versus Photo Lenses

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Videography

Last week, I did a test shoot on a Red One Digital Cinema Camera with the MX sensor, with the ability to shoot at 4.5k resolution!!!  In an upcoming video, I will discuss some differences between shooting on DSLR (5D/7D/Rebel) at 1080p and Red One at 4k.  Many people believe that with the advent of DSLR video, people can now shoot feature films on 5D/7D.  People forget though that lenses play a crucial role in the unique look that we’re so used to seeing in feature films.

While many TV commercials and some TV shows (House, Numb3rs) are shot on DSLRs, they still use expensive cine-lenses.  In order to use cine-lenses on DSLRs like Canon 5D2/7D, special modification or expensive adapters are required.

The video will highlight visual differences between cine-lenses and photo lenses.


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