Cast/crew meeting for upcoming shoot “IF I SHOULD SPEAK”

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Pre/PostProduction

On Sunday, we had a cast/crew meeting for our shoot on April 28/29th.  Our actresses Alysa King (Jenn) and Jaicyea Smith (Tamika) along with DP (Walter Pacifico), Producer (Alberto Tihan), Production Designer (Brian Cohen) and Dolly Grip (Hamid Savalanpour) were on hand while we rehearsed the intense fight scene between “Jenn” and “Tamika”.

We tested the Red Epic with the lomo anamorphic lenses to gauge lighting and shot breakdown.  It was quite fun but overwhelming, due to the fact that we have limited space and time to shoot this intense scene.  We hope and pray for the best!!!

  1. albertotihan says:

    I’m glad everyone made for the meeting. Walter got to see the girls rehearsing the fight scene so he knows what to expect in terms of shots, and the girls will be that much more prepared…We will be racing against the clock, so we need everyone to be on top of their game. BTW I confirmed the make up artist and the other gaffer. Hamid will be Dolly Grip 😉

  2. Aleena says:

    This looks awesome!

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